Lottery” is the third release this year from the mysterious Norwegian singer who is just known as jens. The youngster has kept me captivated with his singles “Any Other Way” and “Before You Let Me Down“. The release of “Lottery” just reaps more interest because it is joyfully upbeat and catchy and exhibits a lively pop vibe.

His label Universal Music Norway seem to be definitely of the feeling this kid is an important talent who is capable of making their mark on the pop sphere. To be fair, I feel likeminded in this respect too. The tracks he has given us are primed to radio-ready perfection. But the greatest attraction for myself is his energised, spellbinding voice. jens has shown many of his vocal facets already, yet it appears he has still got lots more to give. After signing with Made Management who also look after Aurora, Sigrid and Moyka, “Lottery” see’s the singer jumping into the future pop prince hot seat, proper.

This time out, the singer engages with soundwaves steeped in 80s retro style. What he has come up with, feels as though he’s pitting himself as a one-man version of Alphabeat. Meets with lyrical sensibilities in the vein of Sigrid. The track is a sweet song about a boy crushing on someone and trying to get them to take notice of his advances. Melodically it is vibrant, buzzy and uplifting. Ripe for summer listening.

I feel sure jens management are now prepping him for live slots at showcases and festivals. It is the next natural step. The quality of his music releases to date, indicate that he is well equipped to take this on. His story as an emerging artist is still unfolding, his impressive buzz continues to grow. I think we will be hearing much more from him yet, possibly in the future as tour support for Sigrid, feels like a safe bet.

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