The Swoons are an electronic-pop trio of singers, songwriters, producers and musicians Matt Underwood, Tony Ann and Giacomo Timbrello, who have a connection with heavy-duty pop makers The Chainsmokers, because of Tony’s work with the duo. He played keyboard on the band’s “Memories: Do Not Open” tour last year, and co-wrote and performed on their latest single “Sick Boy“, which was released last week. If you enjoyed the new direction The Chainsmokers have taken with “Sick Boy” you should undoubtedly also appreciate the current single release of the track “Lost” by The Swoons.

In approaching about four minutes the trio meticulously, combine soft-focused low buzzy synths and sincere lyrics. Creating a style which is viscerally pleasing to the ear and soothing to the mind. While also having all the warm, yummy, electronic goodness similar to the special magic Aquilo feature in their beautiful bespoke and melodic styled tunes. With the dreamy track “Lost” the songwriting and production ooze with a laid-back contemporary pop feel, as poetic lyrics “empower the listener to think “I’m not the only who feels this way” and that “I can change this state of mind into something positive”.

The Swoons “Lost” is a prime example of how you aurally transport the body and mind with sonic manipulation of tempo and intensity ensuring, beats physically resonate to share a meaningful message. On “Lost”, the band say: “Feeling lost has been a popular subject in music over the years whether it’s love, your job or your personal life. So we wanted to write a song that flipped the concept into something more positive and hopeful. As any, independent musician knows it can be a real struggle to feel hopeful when you’re constantly having doors closed on you, be it record labels, publishers, venues or even simply the general public not connecting with your music – you’re always constantly looking for that yes, of approval to cover those insecurities you might feel”

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