Holly Elle

Emerging electro-pop chanteuse Holly Elle follows up upon her recent power pop mama giving performance of her recent “Lifeline” track collaboration with Issac Hasson (producer to Demi Lovato and Selma Gomez) with an equally commanding follow-up, which is bursting at the seams with big R’n’B bootyliciousness.

Lose Control” is unabashed pop oozing with a sense of sassy double-entendre giving perception’s in conveying that it’s a good healthy mix to let your inhibitions loose sometimes. Whilst, all set to a dynamic floor filling dance beat of swaggering EDM weight in support of it.

Despite its title of “Lose Control”, Holly Elle’s gutsy all outreaching vocal performance does much to support the fact that it is Holly’s intent that she would ever not carry out anything but an assertively powering top-lining execution, as Holly’s been blessed in the vocal pipes department for sure and she’s going to use her best asset to the max.

It is our opinion that Holly is also sounding a touch in vocal throwback to Rihanna on these vocals, so if you’ve been pining away in wanting to hear some new full-on Rihanna sassiness anytime soon, you’d do well to give “Lose Control” by Holly Elle a spin, as it is most near-on emulating of Rihanna’s pop queen like vocal presence that we’ve heard coming through in a while.