How fabulous. A decade on from when Raj first wrote about Asian-American duo Ming & Ping. The identical twins are back with new music, which is more electronic-pop spicy than ever. The three-track EP “Los Angeles November 2019” is designed to be listened to continuously, says the duo. It has been written as a tribute to the retro-future themes of Ridley Scott’s movie “Blade Runner.” Not so surprisingly then, to note of the new material, the all-encompassing, widescreen pop vibe. As advised EP tracks “Heaven’s Light,” “Ride or Die” and “The End” seamlessly transition from one to the next.

Of the new EP, Ming & Ping reveal, “We ask what it means to be alive and to be human. We celebrate life and love. And, we mourn for when it must end too soon and all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. The message of the songs is that life and death, sadness and joy all come in cycles, and that change is the only reliable thing. At first, there is confusion, then awakening and celebration, conflict and decay, and finally surrender. It is all to say that it’s alright to feel it all”.

For those who haven’t been aware of Ming & Ping before, the crisp synth-pop stylings of these tracks are sure to leave a lasting impression. You would be best to consider the EP as a twelve-minute lesson into the sibling duos pioneering electronic influences. Picking out, similarities with the Pet Shop Boys, New Order, and The Human League. Enabling the twins to implement a towering wall of sound, befitting of the widescreen specification, warranted of a movie soundtrack. The sonic trip creates both a musical and conceptual journey. Where the production effort of the tracks feels some way on par with that of an 80s Hollywood blockbuster. Indeed, very spicy!

This is interesting. Besides, being released on all the usual digital platforms. When you pop over to ming and ping’s website, you can purchase a digital copy of the EP (for Name Your Price) inclusive of a 6-page digital booklet and high-resolution album art.

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