Rising, Irish electronic producer EMBRZ (Jack Casey) has become known as a pop-infused, electronic wunderkind, after uploading a steady stream of tracks and scoring a number of, Hype Machine #1’s. Along the way, the self-taught producer found success with two massive official remixes, Ellie Goulding’s “How Long Will I Love You” and The 1975’s “Settle Down.” But, Lately, the Dublin based producer has settled into a pattern of releasing original pieces, collaborating with a selection of emerging vocalists. The producer’s work errs on the mellow side of the future electronic-pop equation but is nevertheless stunning while emotively stirring at the core.

The current single “Like It Or Not” features the Arkansas alt-pop duo joan who launched last year. The twosome has picked up considerable buzz because their music style is often compared to the dreamily effervescing synth-pop of St. Lucia or LANY. Debut EP “Portra” which has just been released is well worth a listen. Don’t miss it, it will feed your ears with a good lashing of 80’s pop scene nostalgia.

The atmospheric quality of EMBRZ’s electronic pop is powerful. “Like It Or Not” is luminous and hazy and twinkling with halcyon synths. When entwined with the lofty vocals of joan’s Alan Thomas the indelibly affecting track blossoms with a special, magic quality, a spellbinding allure. It is electronic ear candy which is sure to satisfy your aural sweet tooth. The track is also perfectly suited for someone to give it a new lease of life through a remix. California/Corsica based producer JNTHN STEIN has taken this EMBRZ track under his wing, enveloping in his trademark style of soft-focus electronica, creating a lush soundscape which is easy on the ear, and soothing. “Was so cool to have JNTHN STEIN remix “Like It Or Not“, he’s such a sick producer! Loved that he switched up the feel of the original and gave it some attitude and punch smashed it!” Jack Casey – EMBRZ

This is NOT the first time JNTHN STEIN‘s chilled beats have grabbed our attention. We have had him in our sights since The Great Escape, festival last year. Have a read of our post-festival coverage review HERE and have yourselves a chillaxed weekend.

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