Lola Blanc

No stranger to us here at EQ Music, eye-catching pop starlet Lola Blanc show’s out her pitch perfect sugar-coated pipes alongside a stuttering beat-bastic rhythm driven melody as she sing’s of a desire to live “Like Beyoncé”.

Lola choose to shower musical affection in homage to modern pop icon, the mamalicious one herself Beyoncé, because the perspective she’s seeing things in as she sets about her latest pop diddy comes more from being in a Beyoncé state of mind. And which comes through lyrically conveying of “being super poor but not caring because you know you’re going to run shit anyway”.

As Lola is taking on a true to real life mantra here. We are ourselves feeling on these super cutesy whilst oozing pop glamour vibes, that seek out an intuitively playful urban/pop directive.

Plus, there’s more than enough of the Oh La Lola infectious character propelling this one along for it not to be considered as merely cookie cutting into the pop genre.

As we’re hearing it, Lola is really running the proverbial number two’s here.