Since discovering Skyepaint last year, we can be safe in the knowledge, the future of synthpop is in good hands. The Australian songwriter and producer came to my attention by way of his fantastic track “Bury Us in Gold.” Being this was only among the artist’s initial releases. I was immediately drawn to the amount of energy which was packed into this track and how good the production was. I am not in the least bit surprised to learn after this was unleashed, Skyepaint has been very active on the live scene, in demand with gig bookings and DJing slots for months. He now has some new tracks ready to share. The first being a double single release comprising of “Light Years Away” and “Endless Nights.”

Having created a positive impression with his previous singles. The producer-singer pares back on the multi-layers of electronic arrangement. While remaining stylistically upbeat, the tone of “Light Years Away” feels dreamier and more intimate. The vocals permeate in a more emotively expressive way allowing the heartfelt lyrics to really shine. He speaks about ambition, trying to achieve goals and not quite getting to the place he wants to be at. Do we take it, these words are telling a personal story? Feels this way to me.

There is a real sense of authenticity which exudes from this track in particular. And it is really important actually that the message of the song is strong. As I am sure the unfolding story of an ambitious dreamer, will be relatable to others. The biggest piece of life learning advice which can be taken away from it is no matter how driven you are to reach your goals, such things have a tendency to happen in their own time.

Sykepaint continues to show us how synthpop should be done. Just listen to the ear-melting vocals coasting smoothly over dreamy soundscapes of “Light Years Away” and fall in electronic-pop love right now.

Connect with Skyepaint
Twitter: @skyepaintmusic