Full marks to Glaswegian duo Prides for choosing an original song title for their latest single “Let’s Stay in Bed All Day“. I think it’s fitting to the band’s ethos of honesty in their lyrics which is something I have always admired about them, aside from their ability to fashion great melodies.

I must admit I was starting to think that after the band’s brilliant debut album “The Way Back Up“, that they might suffer the fate of synth pop anthem burn out, being that it was bursting at the seams with big galloping beats to the greatest extent. That’s not to say I wasn’t a fan, I have breathed every beat of that album many times, it continues to bring a smile to my face to this day and lift me up when a dark cloud hovers over head. Even so, I’ve been hoping that with album number two the fellas would bring something a touch different to the table.

An announcement has revealed the album “A Mind Like The Tide” will be in two parts with part one releasing at the end of October. The first single “Let’s Stay in Bed All Day” is still as peppy and has more of a piano edge, but the synths are still in here, perhaps it’s better to say making a guest appearance. I’m still likely to go nuts and lose my shit to this new song if I am fortuitous to find myself at another Prides gig. The last time was banging, yet being a tad short of an hour stage time, I came away feeling as though the show cut off too early from what I was expecting. I am hopeful that with another album of material to their name forthcoming Pride gigs will play longer into the night.

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