I can’t think of any thing so lovely than to hear a new tune from Dido right now, afterall, it has been a music break of about 5 years since we last had the pleasure of her dulcet soothing tones to envelop us in a calming vocal hug.

In introduction to the spring 2013 release of Dido’s  4th studio album “The Girl That Got Away” arrives taster track “Let Us Move On”.

Much as Dido pushed through barriers and genres at the turn of this century to join up with hot tip rapper of the day Eminem and paved the way for a new generation of artists like Skylar Grey, than she’s back to it on her forthcoming album collaborating with one of today’s brightest hip hop stars in the making Kendrick Lamar.

Let Us Move On” brings a sweeping expanse of sonic structure and graceful repose of vocal delivery from Dido intertwined with Kendrick’s street talking rap bursts.

This is music made to stir the soul and every pore. It’s ethereal energy penetrates to the core.

Photo: Guy Aroch