After rocketing to our attention bright and early this year with pop smash “Any Other Way.” Emerging Norwegian singer jens returns, brandishing follow-up “Before You Let Me Down,” offering a broader insight into his musical artistry. I have to say. The internet isn’t being everso forthcoming when attempting to source information about this talented young chap. Universal Norway, who he is signed with, only elusively refer to him, as a pop comet from Bergen. It’s all very tight-lipped where details about him are concerned. The music does speak for itself, so I guess I have to be content. That at present, this is the angle they are going for with this project.

The track “Any Other Way” was buzzy and impacting. “Before You Let Me Down” takes us down another avenue. A soulful, guitar-driven slice of catchy pop mastery. The vocals are massive with, pop-sensible appeal. The changeup in style between both of these recent releases does tend to suggest his label recognises jens talent but are allowing him some scope in which to find his own lane. At least I hope, this is what is happening.

Whatever. This song is gloriously jaunty. It is easy to be swept up in the melody. It kind of has a spontaneity about it which even if you don’t normally favour guitar-driven pop, you can’t actually ignore it. There is some notable skill in the songwriting, I think we get to see it much better in this song. I guess everyone concerned really wanted to make sure we see it, this time. Duly noted!

jens says…

“You can put me in a box next to the likes of Charlie Puth, Lauv, Youngr and Justin Timberlake (post-Disney of course). In all honesty, though, I’d really love to stay outside the box. Stay tuned – I’ve got so much more in store for you in 2019!” (jens – Spotify Biography)

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