In my opinion, Swedish electronic-pop outfit Rabbii always seems to fall some way short of achieving the kind of noticeability they deserve. It is not the case their musicianship or performance is up for question but, perhaps because the trio’s Johanna Berglund and Felix Persson don’t tend to conform to mainstream pop formulas or pour their attention into producing the predictable EDM bangers as is the case with many of today’s young, emerging electronic-pop acts. Rabbii have been relentless in serving their poignantly affecting pop creations, icy cold and mystically fantastical, as seen through previous singles “Sadness” and “Chameleon“. With the latest release “Left For Dead” coming in as the most, otherworldly discerning yet.

Huge, vocal comparisons aside (as Johanna could justifiably be mistaken for Danish artist Kill J, because of their vocal style being indistinguishably similar.) The single “Left For Dead” is an exploration of bittersweet, dark and meditative healing to close up the wounds after, “the first time you see your ex a while after you broke up. And, you realise he’s happier than ever. And you’re nothing but a zombie, needing someone new to feed on not to die. The feeling, when you kind of, self-destruct willingly”, explains the band.

Rabbii’s bitter-edged synth-pop sounds deceptively sweet until you really, engage with the emotionally intense, heartfelt lyrics. The intricate and hypnotising arrangements of the song help to establish a melodic expression of loss, nostalgia and longing. Without, lyrics which dive-deep into the fragile and the inevitable moments of love and loss that haunt us all, the song comes across as melodically tender. The vibe very, innocent, dreamy even. The trio holds their own because their Swede and sour lyrical styled electro-pop is, unfeigned building up and grows on you with every listen.

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