Pop songstress Hannah Jane Lewis is going to brighten up your Friday. I know this because the singer’s latest single “Last Night Every Night” is another gem in addition to her gleaming collection of dazzling pop music trinkets. Which most recently include the singles “Raincheck” and “Frozen Frames.” Now Hannah Jane had an amazing 2018. Aside from releasing amazing records, she opened up for Rita Ora and Jess Glynne, which is pretty good work for a unicorn loving, emerging pop artist. Her aim is to make 2019 even better. So let’s see if she is onto something good with her new cut, shall we?

The handy press release informs me that the track was written during a Finnish Songcastle Writing Camp last year. It came as a collaboration with Tido Nguyen (Mikael Gabriel, Anna Abreu) and Axel Ehnstrom (Lost Frequencies, Alle Farben.) But when I grabbed my first listen of the track my first impression of the song had got me thinking somewhat differently. I would have seriously wagered a bet that there was some Peter Thomas (Betty Who collaborator) involvement in it. “Last Night Every Night” is so similarly in-keeping with his style.

I know this song would be of interest to those who also enjoy listening to Betty Who. So my question is why aren’t they tuning in, in their droves when they really should be? Well, the song has been given lots of Spotify New Music Friday playlist coverage but I feel not enough people are actually talking about the track, which makes me sad. Hannah Jane has done such a sterling job with Tido and Alex on the song. Her vocal is wistful, airy and light, just like a like a delicate souffle pudding. Which culinary tastebuds will know the sweet treat is regarded as a showstopper. This is exactly, my thinking towards Hannah’s performance on this track. There’s something vibrant and vivid that has emerged in the narrative of “Last Night Every Night.” My hot take is, it is Hannah Jane’s most daring and self-realised record to date.

NOT all premium pop is found in the top 40 charts you know. Don’t miss out tune in!

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