Stine Bramsen has spent the past few years finding her place in pop as a solo artist. The former Alphabeat singer who made her mark on the world with the Danish band enjoyed pop-centric hits with “Fascination“, “The Spell” and “DJ” among others. In 2015 after launching her solo career with thoughtful pop stomper “Prototypical“, the Danish singer followed up with her debut album “Fiftyseven“, which reintroduced Stine as a pop player with powerhouse vocals that were destined to get her a lot of attention and cement her solo career with a new lease of life.

Today Stine returns with “L.A.C.K” her first new offering for a couple of years. This track builds on the impressive releases “Move Forward“, “The Day You Leave Me” and “Karma Town” from “Fiftyseven“, it’s where Stine comes into her own with even more maturity, concentrating on a shift towards a R’n’B vibe on this song. This is a move that shouldn’t appear too unexpected as the debut album had its fair share of urban-influenced moments dotted in among the pop-sensible styles which made up the long player.

Nevertheless, the transition from chirpy pop to compelling artistry brings to the fore an increase in emotive expression, with a combination of Stine’s dynamic vocals and transformed style. The heartfelt and honest approach to pop is working a treat for Stine thanks to her strong vocals, emotive lyrics and subtle use of gently rousing melody.

Stine Bramsen // L.A.C.K. from Stine Bramsen on Vimeo.

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