Charli XCX 1

Charli XCX has been waiting in the wings piqued to readiness to conquer the pop world for quite some time now, if we didn’t already know this via the road to release of her intoxicatingly dark pop fierce debut album “True Romance”, then we have definitely witnessed the rise of it this year via the globally received and dynamically vivacious bubble pop ditty “Boom Clap” that found it’s way onto the film soundtrack to “The Fault In Our Stars”.

The resounding success of “Boom Clap” and it’s continued impact is the reasoning behind the revised and put-back UK release of upcoming sophomore album “Sucker”. Albeit the case, it hasn’t put paid to other Charli XCX releases, infact it seems she’s quite found herself a new niche as a firm go-to favourite for film soundtrack inclusion and plays a part in the newest “The Hunger Games” blockbuster “Mockingjay Part 1”.

We are sure Charli hasn’t really gone soft on us and put to bed her brilliantly boisterous acid-pop for good but she’s thrown caution to the wind for the Lorde curated “Mockingjay” soundtrack and turned in a notably almost angelic performance on “Kingdom” whereby she’s joined in collaboration by Duran Duran front-man Simon Le Bon.

See what we always expected, beneath that spiky feral image there is a fluffy pop kitten afterall!