Years and Years 1

Congratulations to Years & Years for snatching this years BBC Sound of 2015 trophy.

From the get go of last year, electronic outfit Years & Years have seen themselves slated as one of the more commercially received contenders to be amongst the pool of up-and-coming new talent.

As the band have gained considerable traction throughout a successful 2014, we are now at Years & Years 4th Official release which is now revealed as ‘King’, a pop-infused slick house groover that purrs with an upbeat club directed aesthetic.

Although, the band have coveted much attention, I haven’t really felt the complete draw of the hype fuelled bandwagon that has catapulted the trio in every inch of the blogosphere’s tastemakers predictive lists and beyond. Yes I’ve felt they collectively have something pleasing to offer. It’s not so much the production that draws me into the clutches of Years & Years appreciation though, their trump-card is definitely Olly Alexander’s quivering soul tinged vocal that is the tipping point of sell to me.

As last years Sound of 2014 winner Sam Smith cut a phenomenal international breakthrough with his heartbreak generated debut album “In The Lonely Hour”, Years & Years seem intent on sourcing from the same subject. Afterall, it did the exact same business for previous Sound Of alumni Adele also! Will it work in Years & Years favour to ultimately come out top of the class of 2015 though? The jury of me is erring to the conclusion that owing to the act being one of the more commercially viable that the outcome is looking likely and ‘King’ is giving me the most food for thought with regard to the bands development than any of their preceding single efforts.