I’ve been waiting on new music by Leon Else for a while. In fact, since he struck out last year in the most glorious fashion with the synth-drenched single “What I Won’t Do.” At the time of the single release, we were led to believe an EP was soon to follow. It has yet to materialise, and in its place, we now have a new track “My Kind Of Love” to enjoy, which forms part of the soundtrack to the popular yet somewhat controversial Netflix mystery teen-drama “13 Reasons Why” (Series 2.)

Anyone familiar with the show will know the soundtrack compiled for the original Netflix series reflected the dark pop aesthetic of the show. Similarly, the sophomore compilation picks up with the same kind of vibe featuring tracks heavily influenced by the 80’s and which feed into the post-punk grooves of the era. Featured artists include OMD – “Souvenir”, Siouxsie and the Banshees – “Cities In Dust”, alongside Years & Years – “Sanctify” and the track we have our sights on, Leon Else – “My Kind Of Love.”

The title of Leon’s latest track acts as a complete give away to the message this song is sending. It’s about the uniqueness of how we love in many different ways. I guess the crux of the song is really, about how two people form a connection, a special bond which makes a partnership flourish. Be it with an element of unpredictability or a relationship which exists on full-blown hearts and flowers. It boils down to us being individuals foremost, and that extends to any one of our kinships. Not one will ever be the same as another. Leon brings this very point to light in the song where he sings “My kind of love, its a deeper love, its a darker love” and about not having the same emotions in him that somebody else may have.

I can’t help, but be drawn to Leon’s stunning, deep-resonating voice along with the spectacular synths which power the song with a sense of purpose. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the summer anthem I’ve been waiting for everybody else can now steer clear from making air punching tracks and give me something upbeat but different instead.

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