Bad W0lfy does just love to drop by every so often spinning us a surprise new music treat. In 2016, she had us lapping up the grooves of debut cutting-edge track “Used 2 This.” Out of nowhere, but not a moment too late for our liking, she’s back to pep up our lives with her latest offering “Kill It With Love.” But, before we proceed any further, allow me to forewarn you, you’ll not be ready for the tasty pop morsel which is about to hit your ears.

The last time we had a chance to speak with Bad W0lfy about the the music she was working on for her debut album, was when she came down to London town to perform a short set for one of our EQ Music Live Presents events. The petite singer told us, the tracks she had written followed a concept formed around a theme of self-discovery. With this insight already on board, it feels as though we are reasonably clued up with the style of story, “Kill It With Love” tells. The opening lyrics of the song reveal the singer is giving us a heads up about how feeling anxious, has a way of creeping up on us. “Last time I checked there was nothing to fear. Then why am I afraid of everything? Last time I checked the sky was a clear blue. But now, it’s smokey with the ashes from the wars and everything hateful.” Further on in the chorus, she has the advice to help those in need to work through it. “Why not kill it with love. Then maybe at the end of the night we’ll put on our new shoes and go out dancin’, right?”

I’m am positively bursting with exuberance about this song because of the way the melody, twists and turns. It is so refreshing, to feel the track’s progression through gentle strokes of balladry to that of off-kilter beats and a wordy rapping, style of sing-talk. As it does so it never loses its sense of intimacy, it is this more than anything else which ensures the track stands out in a good way.

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