It feels as though it’s never more than a quick minute that accomplished pop artist Penguin Prison is dropping another of his tunefully melodic new singles. In the fall of last year, he had us up and dancing to the bright, breezy and uplifting “Turn It Up” following in a long line of toe-tappers. He is coming at us again with “Keep Coming Alive” full of familiar jaunty pop hooks and insatiably memorable melody.

On this occasion, I am going to overlook the obvious funky, rhythmic similarity to Daft Punk and Pharrell’s “Get Lucky” and concentrate on the positive and inspirational tone of the lyrics. The track which is the second to be lifted off the upcoming “Turn It Up” EP (slated for February 9th release) boasts nuggets of life wisdom where Chris Glover (aka Penguin Prison) urges, the listener to “keep coming alive, even when they try to cut you down to size.” Adding, “In the light – brand new stars blinding my eyes, shine so bright – There’s new beginnings in my mind – pedal to the floor, can’t stop now, crazy shit we live for.”

It certainly seems as though the pop star is on a mission to have us punching the air, early this year. Well before festival season returns and UK revellers, in particular, get as muddy as your mum allowed you to while enjoying lots of your favourite acts, good music and a few vinos with your friends. Penguin Prison’s “Keep Coming Alive” is the perfect, crowd-pleaser more than getting the toes tapping, the track kicks some butt.

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