There is nothing I like to write about more than unsigned artists. The people with little or no budget who make music off their own back and often as not reap, little financial reward. Earning mega bucks doesn’t matter to these burgeoning artists and musicians, the real payout comes from having their music heard. Recently, we were approached by a DIY musician known as Just Shy, a name, which indicated that the Australian electronic-pop artist is among the most, uneffaced and humble kind. The surprise comes when listening to first twinkling offering “I Am Here” only to discover it’s a glittery disco track.

The track has an organic quality, where it’s real charm lies in the rudimental simplicity of its melody and uncluttered style. It’s a step back from today’s heavily produced chart seeking pop songs and as a result, has a real sense of DIY musicianship and identity. “I Am Here” was inspired by a six-month backpacking stint Just Shy undertook after finishing University. Travelling mainly alone across Europe, he says “forced me out of my shell but also really, affirmed my sense of self. I partied pretty, hard and the transient, almost frantic exhilaration of those big nights out was something I really, wanted to capture through the song.”

Feeling a connection with this song comes quite easily, as the lyrics are relatable to what occurs during most, peoples transition to adulthood. As an introduction, “I Am Here” not only gives us a taste of Just Shy’s keen ear as a tunesmith, and melody maker, the lyrics also give a glimpse of an engaging storyteller. His subtle musical world is carefully wrapped, in memories and a personal style of songwriting which offers up a new dimension, in dreamy, disco-pop. It is the epitome of not screaming to get yourself heard. Just Shy’s natural talent shines and will have you yearning for more.

Connect with Just Shy
Twitter: @just_shy