Stockholm’s Violet Days hit the ground running with another dreamy synth offering from upcoming “Made in My Head” EP release, slated for this summer. The single arrives just weeks after the yearning and bittersweet single “Somber” featuring singer-songwriter up-and-comer morgxn and the additional stunning stripped back rendition of the song. On the latest single, “Just A Little” the Swedes slink back to their synthy signature sound, which is blissfully elegant, clean and melodic.

The project fronted by vocalist Lina Hansson is certainly, now carrying some serious weight with a wonderful style of dreamy pop music that’s distinctively Scandinavian to the touch. The music consists of peaceful sentiments drifting on top, of insistent pulses. Highlighting driving melodic keys heavily rooted in classic 80s synth-pop and contemporary pop flair. Violet Days have seriously been rocking-up an impressive resumé which has brought singles “O.D On You” and “Somber” to my attention. And as such, piquing my interest in a keenly positive way.

What Violet Days do particularly well are sweet and dreamy vocal toplines and middle beds of fluttery, synth harmonies. It couldn’t be a better way to describe the style in sound, of “Just A Little” which is utterly listenable and relevant to my ears. It isn’t just the shimmering, sonic musicianship which is appealingly alluring. The songwriting is compelling, poignant and on-point too. While, everything melodically and production wise about the new song is light and breezy, by contrast, the lyrics and substance of the track, beg for a relationship that is a little less than perfect. Because let’s face it, having to work at things, compromising and coming through life’s little stumbles together is a whole lot more rewarding in the end. I think I am more than qualified to attest to this, having been married myself for twenty-four years.

Having helped to shape some of the biggest, modern pop tracks of the last five years, now it’s time for Violet Days to score big success!

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