Singer-songwriter Bad W0lfy last dropped by a year ago, introducing us to, softer, pop effort “Kill It With Love.” As soon as she stepped out of the shadows with the lyrically intimate track, she disappeared once more. However, I hope she will stay around for a little longer this time as today, she releases the very, touching, new track “When I’m With Me I’m Never Alone.”

Her past music life is strewn with vibrantly, edgy pop tracks, but with “When I’m With Me I’m Never Alone,” it is time to show everyone another side of Bad W0lfy. A vulnerable, in touch with her feelings, kind of opening-up. Where she is letting us in, to hear about her insecurities, growth in wellness, and spirituality.

When I’m With Me I’m Never Alone” is about doing and being what makes me happy, while ‘rejecting the things that I have been sold,’ and wanting to inspire others with that message. It was influenced by the work I put into my own self-love to counter the bombardment of current comparison, consumerist, and sensationalist culture, and the sense of loneliness brought on by social media; wrapped up in a sassy pop song” explains Bad W0lfy.

The personal and poignant statement made in the track is what makes it special. Because, when fired with authenticity and a fresh spirit, we see Bad W0lfy peeling away the layers being in touch with her identity. The sonic beauty, the warmth, the hypnotically, healing vibes. It’s all here in this song. It feels as though she has struck upon the route to creative fulfilment, flourishing into who she is today. It is time to reconnect with Bad W0lfy in a new way, “When I’m With Me I’m Never Alone” provides the window to do that.

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