Bebe Rexha

2014 has offered some promising glimpses of fresh new talents. In amongst the tips coming forward Bebe Rexha, is one of the most exciting of the emerging new artists to come through in my view.

If anyone has the presence of mind and work ethic, together with that all special ingredient of individuality about them to go the longer distance as a prospective candidate in becoming a future household name, I think Bebe Rexha be the girl to do it!

Following on from the awesome buzz debut single “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You” that came earlier this year, this is the point where Bebe’s push at establishing herself really takes off. Is there a better way to start the ball rolling into a new year than with a double single drop.

Bebe’s unique selling point, her distinctive raspy vocal come into full play on newly released titles, “I’m Gonna Show You Crazy” and “Gone”. The former is coloured in similar EDM shaped epicness in the same anthem fuelled vein as “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You”, whilst, the latter “Gone” is more concentrating towards power ballad orientation, seeing Bebe’s emotively projected vocal supported by a piano & orchestral arrangement.

Serving as a preview to Bebe’s debut album, I’d say she’s working up some strong pop-encompassed material to be getting properly excited about. I am certainly falling huge for all that’s been shared to date. So much so, someone point me towards the merch stall, I wants a Bebe T Shirt already!