Since the summer, emerging pop newcomer thisisNAMASTE began rolling out a succession of introductory tracks. To date, she has given us two fine, pristine offerings in “Exactly What You Want” and “Not My Fault” yet, Miss unstoppable is keen to follow up with even more charismatic tuneage. With “I Can Do It” the up-and-coming singer turns on the gas, full-on embracing some vibey, electro-pop stylings. She sings, cool and confidently as ever. Making her biggest impression so far by being sweet, but direct, empowering and in charge.

thisisNAMASTE explains…

“I wrote “I Can Do It,” as I got fed up of many situations I found myself in, in which some people questioned a girls ability to do certain things that nobody would question a guy doing. Whether it was lifting something heavy to doing an unconventional job. I wanted to write a tongue-in-cheek song that was fun and empowering for young women.”

There is no doubt “I Can Do It” is both powerful and endearing. A carefully crafted pop song which relates to women around the globe. It also garners attention because of the tracks dance-pop grooviness, and because the melody is as catchy as, a dose of the common cold. Needless to say, it is much more pleasant than actually having the symptoms of any of the winter illnesses currently doing the rounds. Although I know for certain, I don’t have a need to ring up a doctor for a consultation about how ‘sick’ the track is. As, after a handful of spins, I came to this diagnosis about “I Can Do It“, all by myself.

With three brilliant, songs under her belt, all of which validate thisisNAMASTE’s capabilities and potential. There is no doubt that we are going to be hearing a lot more from this pop star, going forward.

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