In the summer of 2017, I was notified about an emerging producer and a songwriter who was recording under the assumed name of Butterjack. It is an intriguing moniker yet, the artist behind the burgeoning project hasn’t been in any rush to reveal their identity. This scenario has proved a tad problematic to me. While I appreciate an artists decision to remain anonymous and the reasoning for doing so. The cold facts of creating an online presence through music are – people connect best by what they see through their eyes first. Ask this question to yourselves. At first glance, would you engage more with a press photo of a household object or a human face better? In most cases, as humans, it’s instinctive that looking at another person is what we find most engaging. With this point now made. The cat slipped out of the bag, during Christmas. When former X Factor contestant Aiden Grimshaw stepped forward on social media, revealing he was the enigmatic artist, who has been releasing tracks using the pseudonym Butterjack. Thinking about it. This is the kind of move I should have suspected Aiden Grimshaw, would do.

He has since bumped us a new track, “Hot Sauce.” Whereas, previous releases “Other Worlds” and “Good Girls” were pointed towards being dance/club specific. The new one “Hot Sauce” is the best of both worlds, successfully blurring the lines between the pop and dance genres. To be fair, when releasing as Aiden Grimshaw he never really went down the big sounding pop whole route apart from “Is This Love,” his marvellous 2012, debut and again with the immense electronic-pop cut “Satisfy Me.” The place he now finds himself in as Butterjack on “Hot Sauce” feels more than a little reminiscent of the indie-electronic, dance-pop style once championed by Fenech-Soler. Which in truth, is a style I can easily stan for.

Just because, these new tracks are taking him down a whole new music avenue. Aiden’s classic sense of songcraft and dynamically soaring vocals remain as strong as ever. Let’s say, it really feels to me as though he’s allowed his imagination to take over and have fun on this track, more so than at any other time. I hope this is a style Butterjack will consider to further, explore, as it is brimming with possibilities. The little hairs on the back of my neck are tingling, just thinking about what could happen next.

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