I have been excited for this new year to get into, its stride after the holidays. Namely, because I have noticed quite a few of our favourite electronic-pop artists here at EQ Music Blog have hinted at, new music coming out soon. It’s a delight that in early January, Ekkah’s track “Homesick” has arrived. The last I heard about the duo was that they were working hard finishing up their album. It didn’t materialise last year as we’d hoped. Nonetheless, as Ekkah explains on their social media platforms…

“Over this past year or so, we have been working away, reassessing, learning, growing, and pouring our hearts into new music that we are so happy to finally be able to share with you all. To say this has been a journey would be an understatement, things change, life moves, you take the rough with the smooth and flow through.”

The duo is now releasing their music independently and like their 2016 dancefloor funky groover “Small Talk,” the first new track “Homesick” is also the result of a collaboration with British songwriter and electronic music artist Tourist.

There is a shift in sound, with less of an accent on funk to that of a softer, electronic style for the ladies. This way the lyrics of the song feel more exposed than previously when they have been entwined with retro sized, disco boogie vibes. The song details, change, how we deal with feelings of uncertainty. The good advice from Ekkah is that we should learn how to embrace the journey. As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. Rebecca & Rebekah are paying attention to themselves and their surroundings, and it is now showing in their music.

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