Swedish DJ duo Dada Life is not a band who I have followed closely. However, the duo’s new song “Higher Than The Sun” appeared on the latest Spotify New Music Friday playlist and owing to the fact, at the time the weather was pissing down sheets of rain outside. I thought I would let some sunshine into my life after the Swedish bands latest sunny, song title leapt out at me.

The duo who is best known for their incendiary EDM bangers shows a bit of their softer side on “Higher Than The Sun” where they blur the edges of dance bangerdom and pop sensibility, arriving at a juncture of mainstream cross-over hit potential. There isn’t any great need to call out a search, to source a rave horn, but if you are easily able to get your hands on some glow sticks to waggle about, then you’ll perfectly be in tune and echoing, the neon glowing vibe of this song.

With “Higher Than The Sun” Dada Life have created an uplifting antidote to a week of wintry weather with their disco soaked, vibrant brand of EDM. A slick sound with a dope bass line and a relentless groove which ends in a gush of majestic revelry. The track fully capitalises on the soaring uplift and the duo’s gift for sunshine melody, irresistible rhythms and inventive production. The production duo’s sound abounds, with a sparkling future-sheen and swooping sonic sheets to produce a new strain of spectacular, 21st-century pop music.

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