I have already brought the latest collaborative endeavour from singer-songwriters Kyan Palmer and nicopop to the EQ readers attention. To refresh. The stellar, pop pairing, hooked up on singles “Unofficial Lover” and “Antisocial Socialites” recently. Far from these tracks being stand-alone singles, the good news is they are leading to a much bigger EP release, happening this summer. I am not certain how many further tracks the duo are planning to unleash before the EP drops. At the present time, this doesn’t really matter right now because they’ve just squeezed a new track out called “Headcase.

Three times really do work a charm for Kyan and nicopop. “Headcase” the third release for the duo is a song which could go far if it finds a way to radio. I’ve drawn comparisons before to the Nick Jonas similarily of Kyan’s vocal style and tone. On “Headcase” the vocal likeness between the two singers is unmistakable. Wow. The track is such a groover as well. Has a proper, funk-pop swagger. Driven by ebullient dance vibes by the incredibly talented nicopop. As we head into another extended Bank Holiday weekend, even if we can’t rely on the weather for blue skies and sunshine. This song is an absolute must for your family, friends get together, playlist.

In fact, the calibre of this track prompts me to say some very big words. If the duo’s upcoming tracks carry on in this vein, it will notch up to be my most anticipated EP/mixtape/album release of the year so far. I am so excited by the two latest singles. This is the kind of music which will have you with one foot on the dance floor or your head up in the clouds. Either way, this is a confident sound and continues to show off their musical prowess.

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