How inspiring and motivating it must be to play at Glastonbury. The wonderful thing about the event is it isn’t open just for world-renowned artists and the like. There is plenty of coverage of emerging artists that come up through mediums who champion and support the cream of rising new talents such as the BBC Introducing series. Who come under the spotlight every year through Glastonbury’s annual Emerging Talent Competition. Singer-songwriter Marcus McCoan knows this procedure only too well, having been one of the lucky few who has been plucked from near obscurity to play the BBC Introducing stage.

Marcus intends to stake an even bigger impact this year. His latest track “Hair Down” has a lot of good things going on within to note about it, which steer him in an important place to grab the interest of pop connoisseurs. This song which is in a modern electronic pop style has well thought out production. It adds considerable weight to the pop-sensible mood of the piece. Where McCoan’s major talent lies, shines out is in his lyricism. He can paint of story with words which comes across as interesting and engaging because of his brilliant choice of words. A quality which is high on the agenda and a lucrative selling point in today’s music climate, proven by the success of The 1975, being hailed as songwriting geniuses.

Marcus shows a flair for musicality throughout all of his musical strengths. His sound is already radio friendly, and on “Hair Down” there is a definite nod of artistic integrity at work. I’m viewing the track as a self-help song. A reminder to step back and seek out some fun away from the daily grind which is so easy to get sucked into. It is a solid song, and the upbeat melody certainly helps to take this feeling on board. Marcus McCoan’s down to earth approach to pop is on trend with the current music landscape and definitely worth checking out if you’re into singer-songwriter vibes.

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