I usually tire of all the melancholy styled, songs which have a tendency to spring up at this time of year. Instead, of sonic embued efforts which are bountiful in abundance. I prefer to look to the pop realm and seek out tracks that may have dipped below the radar. To tell the truth, as I was sorting through our new music submissions earlier nothing much was holding my attention until I opened up an email about Dutch/German duo The Day. At first, Laura Loeters and Gregor Sonnenberg’s smart casual press photo caught my eye. Although what really reeled me in to ultimately spend some time with their new album “Midnight Parade“, were one of two things. The track “Grow” and a little insight from the press release which revealed the duo prefer to take their music along a DIY approach.

It was, however, refreshing listening through the “Midnight Parade” album’s collection of whimsically, dreamy tracks. As I didn’t know how much I was in need of them until they wrapped their soothing, softer pop tones over me. A cosy, warm source of comfort made from tenderly, uplifting vibes. Plus, I really like the indie aesthetic of this project as it makes the entire album glow with unfiltered authenticity. As I found out by myself, “Midnight Parade” is the kind of album you should lose yourself in to appreciate it’s charming qualities to the fullest. With regard, to a stand out track on this project, the accolade goes to “Grow.”

Grow” is quite literally about growing up through different phases of life and your very personal ‘pursuit of wisdom'” says Singer Laura Loeters. “The song is about farewells and realising how you grow older yourself by watching close people around you getting older.” Laura adds: “Like many of our songs when I came up with the first idea it sounded more like a quiet more folky song. But when I picked it up on electric bass with our drummer at rehearsals it became much more of a grooving pop song than we first intended.”

A dip into “Midnight Parade” provides cool and soothing pop notes, with satiny, dreamy echoes. The duo’s off-kilter brand of tasteful indie alt electronic-pop manages the impressive feat that makes for an uplifting yet calming listen. For a duo who humbly named themselves The Day, their crafted output absolutely defies expectations.

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