Scotland, well Glasgow to be precise gives up another encouraging new pop talent with a promising certain amount of noir driven innovative panache about them to put on our radar.

From the enigmatic mists of the Scottish city, 18 year old KLOË is brought to our attention with “Grip”, a debut broody pop offering emblazoned with layering of piano stabs, sonically foreboding synths and on the face of it, sweetly projected but cutting in deep vocals stinging with waves of bittersweet crushing emotion.

Produced by fellow Glaswegian Lewis Gardiner, drummer of anthemic synth-pop trio Prides, the melancholy nature of the track is used as a credible asset in this instance in tipping the mood of giving into a performance exposed of a sense of underlying vulnerability moreover, that leads to such candidly illuminated, swiping lyrics as “It’s just you’ve fucked every girl in the room”, that sting with a resounding and outreaching haunting presence.

If you’d know no better the vocals could easily be those of Chvrches Lauren Mayberry, doing a Radio 1 live lounge cover of BANKS. It’s just the fact that I feel KLOË is giving more sweet-chill-moodiness of a heartening and affectively ear pleasing quality over most of the mushrooming growth of ordinarily regular BANKS, Lorde, Lana wannabes that I’m suitably swept up in interest with her.