Even though it is 2018, male producers still dominate the genre. Therefore it is especially warming to hear of emerging female producers coming out to notice doing their utmost to readdress the balance. Raphaella is one such notable talent who over the past few years has been rising on up through the ranks with impression making cuts of electronic pop. Not only this, her production skills are in demand by others. As are her vocals, which have appeared on a plethora of tracks for Gorgon City, Matrix and Futurebound and Wilkinson, to mention but a few. Although as a solo artist, I’m of the opinion “Good Life” the new track, is where Raphaella pushes through with her most defined, electronic/pop crossover effort yet.

The gleaming synths on the track help to build up an invigorated feeling, between this and the bounding, rhythm which carries the melody skywards. The zestiness of the song sweetly reminds us to live our best lives because who knows what tomorrow may bring. Some risks are worth making! This uplifting track slots in at the end of Raphaella’s current body of work, the “Imagine” EP, which has seen her connect with a more personal and dark vibe throughout. “Good Life” is the rebel rousing, closer if you like. With one taste of the adrenaline-fuelled, electronics you’ll crave many taps of the repeat button. Connecting with the uplifting energy and feel-good vibes ignites that special feeling you get from a natural high. The song speaks for itself in glorious, synth euphoric volume and is sure to become a favourite when played live.

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