You know Salt Ashes seems to get better and better with each release she makes. I really thought she had reached a new peak of fantasticness with previous single “Girls,” so far as to reveal it was my favourite Salt Ashes song of them all. Turns out the Brighton based singer was hiding another ace up her sleeve, by way of “Go All Out” which stands as her sophomore release of the year.

What I have grown to love about Veiga Sanchez’s songs the most, are the lyrics and the topics she has been insightfully tackling recently. Noticeably she has swapped out, the love-centric themes in favour of lending her voice, to dig deeper on content identifying with strengthening, social messages. Empowerment, authenticity and so forth. On the motivation behind the new single, Salt Ashes states

“‘Go All Out’ is a song about what I would say to my younger self if I had the opportunity to. I don’t like regrets and think they are destructive but it’s nice to reflect on what I would say if I could do it all over again.”

On this song, she deals with the feelings of insecurity which come with growing up, working ourselves out and learning to be comfortable in our own skin. Which, as the majority will have found out, come with years of life learning and a pinch of hindsight.

This song starts off with a waft of sonic mystique, chords of trembling bass with ethereal top notes building its way to a chorus, heavy with punchy synths. The sound is magnificent, warm, ambitious and timeless. In my opinion, Salt Ashes hasn’t sounded bigger or bolder than this before. It is a style which suits her very well. Her most ambitious track to date? Melodically, a resounding yes. She made us sit up and listen with “Girls” with “Go All Out” you will not only, listen intently, but at the choruses direction, join in enthusiastically as well. She already has a debut album to her name although, definitely feels as though we are getting to know Salt Ashes, far better second time around.

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