I can’t claim, I’ve paid the greatest, attention to the singer Orla Gartland before, which is mostly owing to the fact, I knew her style in music direction to be that of an acoustic, folky kind of pop. When an email about Orla’s new single “I Go Crazy” rocked up in my inbox I wasn’t especially, curious at first, until I read the song was produced by Ben Langmaid the once unseen half of Ellie Jackson’s, synth-pop project La Roux. From that moment onwards, intrigue well and truly, set in.

Even with Langmaid’s assistance, going the full electronic pop route would have felt a bridge too far away from her roots, for Orla. Better, all round a balance has been struck, which edges the sound of the song into the domain of alt-pop. For a song whose melody is primarily guitar-driven it doesn’t feel as if it’s particularly hard-wired with guitars, the track just has a lovely flowing, pop vibe running through, it.

Coming from Dublin, Orla possesses a charm of warm, Irish lilt in her voice, tie it in with a little pushing the pop parameters, this unique combination will grab your ears. Similarly, in the same vein as the bulk of Orla’s work, the feisty slice of alt-pop was born out of, a personal experience. “It’s about telling someone you love them for the first time and not hearing it back,” she explains. “Bad times. I went into the studio the next day so fired up and channelling the emotion into the track was cathartic. It captures a moment where I was truly at breaking point.”

Soul-baring pop is a style Orla Gartland does well. Now she’s stretching the stylistic boundaries, the highly melodic soundscape of the latest song is a change worth pursuing, for the greater good.

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