Guess what? Monarchy have unleashed a new track! It is called “Glow Vision,” and acts as the first single to be taken from their fourth studio album, out next year. The electronic-pop duo have spent quite of a lot of this year performing and touring. Therefore, I was somewhat surprised when a heads-up about “Glow Vision” was dropped into my inbox. (I had no clue, not even a tiny inkling of its arrival before this.) Suffice to say, when I grabbed my first listen, my ears were tingling with a thrilling sensation, heightened because of the track landing with me, so pleasurably, out of the blue.

There is no argument that the piece screams Monarchy in its stylising because of its little nuances and of Ra’s distinctive vocal. Yet I notice something a little extra, seeping into the music. The influences of Prince, Daft Punk with a splash of Groove Armada leap out prominently. The funky synth-pop combination is such, where it slaps the senses, hard. If the melody could speak, there is no doubt that we could understand what it is trying to say without the need for a translator. The explanation is driven by the rhythm, encouraging the listener to burst out some dance moves.

Glow Vision” is an interesting song-title, isn’t it? I am curious to learn more about it, are you? Here are Ra and Andrew to explain more…

Ra Black: “Sometimes even the fullest seemingly unshakeable love can feel fragile and turbulent. This song is a note to my girlfriend to let her know that I may be a bit altered, a bit lost at the end of the spirals of my mind but even there I can see what I’ve always known, which is that we have a future and the future is bright.”

Andrew Armstrong: “I think this one really epitomises our direction for the new album. Analogue synths and disco beats. It¹s retro, but it’s also new, it has production tricks which are definitely from now, to mesh with the retro synths and beats. I use my Jupiter 6 a lot, and then this one has the Korg Minologue working as well.”

What feels assuring with the release of the latest Monarchy track, is that new electronic-pop music coming in 2020, is off to a good start.

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