Today see’s us back to charting the burgeoning music career of Actress / Singer Hayley Kiyoko.

Previously impressing us with an indie-centric approach coveting electronic strewn elements, on her debut outing “This Side Of Paradise”, Hayley returns with a vibrant and peppy second focus single “Given It All” to head-up the forthcoming release of the “This Side Of Paradise” EP package.

Unleashing her inner pop princess with relish, Hayley takes to excelling in the role like a seasoned performer, given that “Given It All” is a gutsier electro-pop barrelled anthem than we’ve seen her tackle before.

Suitably melodic within its flow of synth composed direction, in turn, equally acts as the perfect backdrop in completion of showcasing Hayley’s power born pop dynamic topline.

Much like the lyrics themselves, which tells of a desire to be noticed, “Given It All” is definitely of the ilk deserving to score some wider attention.

Sweetly charming our affections towards her, more by tip-toing into the big world of pop, consider with this single though, that Hayley Kiyoko has arrived. Keep it on the same path and we could actually be some way to witnessing an evolving future pop diva on the rise.