It doesn’t seem a hot minute since Salt Ashes released her self-titled debut album in 2016. Which had my ears tingling with aural pleasure and the synthy goodness of singles “Save It“, “Somebody“, “If You Let Me Go” and “Wilderness.” I commented at the time about the long player having the timeless quality of a classic, and it has continued, to feel that way when I’ve subsequently dipped into it for a burst of excellent, unabashed dance grooves. This year, the singer is set to make pulses race again in the electronic disco-pop arena as she begins to trailblaze “Girls” her confident and empowering new single.

Salt Ashes aspires to make pop music with substance and “Girls” is more inward-looking than, typical dance floor stormers. “The track is about breaking the stereotypes of people who want to express themselves and their sexuality freely without the “slut shaming” or being told that they’re “asking for it”, explains the singer. We soon find out, when listening to the track, the empowering greatness of the lyrics, are designed to take us on a fierce, melodic, rollercoaster ride, full of sentiment and is a call to arms for women across the globe.

Cutting to the chase, “Girls” is Salt Ashes most direct track to date. The strength, of the incredibly, catchy refrain, and timely lyrics, are a powerful feature of the music and the current social climate. It is a song that will make you want to bust out your dancing shoes while also touching that raw, emotional nerve in your body. There is no more, appropriate time than the present moment for this, assertive single to be unleashed.

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