If you haven’t already tuned into the sound of Hannah Jane Lewis then here is your chance to do so. While I was sunning myself on holiday, the emerging pop starlet dropped a splendid new single “Frozen Frames“, a dynamic release of no holds barred electronic pop abandon. Which sounds so good when the sun makes an appearance, and you are out for a drive, down to the coast. Because it is the kind of song you’ll likeliest find, played at outdoor events such as local beach parties, carnival parades or Pride celebrations.

The song explores the point in a relationship “when you aren’t broken up, but you also aren’t together. Everything is kind of on hold and feels frozen in place. It’s hoping that the ice will melt and all will be okay again, and loving someone enough to play that kind of waiting game” says Hannah. Phew, at least there is a sporting chance of rekindling, of a summer romance, as we can’t we can’t be urged to listen to songs about folks having a Debbie downer during the feel-good high point of the year, can we now?

Hannah is steadily catching the attention of pop-loving aficionados since raising the stakes with previous single “Raincheck.” Her summer itinerary already has the singer marked down to play shows with a glittering array of headliners. From Rita Ora, Jess Glynne to Shawn Mendes. The combination of sun, festival atmosphere and being with like-minded pop fans is definitely where an undeniably talented artist like Hannah Jane Lewis should be performing. Catchy songs are sure to go down well, “Frozen Frames” plays right into this target with aplomb.

Next stop British Summer Time at Hyde Park? If not a late addition to this years line-up I’ll hedge some early bets for inclusion in 2019.

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