Ordinarily, I’d scoff at the thought of writing about Justin Bieber, but try as I might to fight it from happening, I have to admit I grew to like “Sorry“, after hearing it blaring out everywhere within a clear mile radius around me. A part of me isn’t cool with what I’m about to do, but when a song strikes me as tasty, I know it’s time to set my reservations aside and just throw caution to the wind.

The boy Bieber is back with “Sorry” collaborator/producer BloodPop, the widely acclaimed dude who is the songwriting force behind six of the tracks on Justin’s “Purpose” album. The boys have just released new dance-pop single “Friends” which has woken up the world of new music releases with a start, in the slow yielding period of summer.

The track has additional co-write credits for Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, but the main point about “Friends“, is the song is a total electronic pop fiesta.

Being cool with my new appreciation of Justin Bieber might take a bit more work on the global superstars part. With indications, that the music is continuing to slide into this tantalizing direction. I might convert into a Belieber yet!

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