I cannot lie, I was beginning to become a bit bored by Nick Jonas squeezing out urban infused pop that the “This Year Was Complicated“, era gave us. Forsaking “Levels“, because that jam rocked my boat.

Anticipation has been building online during recent days as Nick has been teasing song clips and visuals. We knew “Find You“, was coming, but we didn’t know what we’d be getting. In time for Nick’s birthday and mine. The handsome Mr Jonas goes back to pop on this new release and earns my seal of approval.

Find You“, is an end of summer anthem with a zippy chorus and yet among the bouncing beats, embraces some pretty decent lyrics also. I’m not a fan of sugar coated love songs and thankfully “Find You“, is nothing of the sort. I get the feeling that this track might be like marmite for some people, but for me, the catchy melody has already crept into my head. If I’m honest, the track isn’t hugely distinctive, in this instance, it doesn’t matter a jot because if Nick is anything like me, we just want something boppy to celebrate our birthdays with some happy dancing. And the electronic pop-charged chorus of “Find You“, fits the bill.

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