Having already been familiar with the early balmy electronic-pop style of XY&O on singles “Low Tide” and “Lights On.” Over time, the trio has seen fit to elevate the bouncy rhythms which usually underpin their tracks to that of a clubbier dance-pop pace. “Fever” is their latest effort and comes in primed and perfect for party gatherings for the festive holiday season.

The track has got late night chill in abundance. If the night-cap after the disco had a sound of its own. The sultry tempered beats and dreamily assisted vocals of this track would definitely have it covered. You know, what is so lovely about this band, is that the music is so smooth and soothing. It is highly, affecting too, in ways which slowly sneak up and take hold at a milliseconds notice. Wistful pop hooks along with the soulfulness in Skip’s voice help to add an extra dimension of sophistication to the sleek number. It is without hesitation, a refined take on the bands original signature sound.

With “Fever” Tudor, Nick and Skip are bailing out of 2018, with more confidence than I thought was possible, sounding stronger and with more polish than ever. This release makes for an immersive and engrossing listen. Fingers crossed these boys will be back with more of these sleeker, sexier, softer synth-pop delights through 2019.

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