Pink Feathers

Photo: John Duenas

We are quite accustomed down the years to seeing Andre Allen Anjos better known to us as RAC making appearances here on EQ, either with his many smoking remixes or original crafted popalicious tunes. However, even though wife Liz Anjos has made appearances on RAC tracks, we haven’t as yet featured her own pop project Pink Feathers before. Now seems the right time to do so, being that Pink Feathers has just released it’s debut EP “Invisible Lines” and which just so happens to feature one particularly delicately pretty synth-pop tune amongst it’s number of 4 tracks, that I’m currently synth-pop loved up with.

Infact, the statement ‘leave the best till last’ rings true in this instance, as it’s the EP closer “The Feeling’s Gone” which has piqued my interest. Would you know it, it’s a proper Anjos team-effort, produced by RAC, written and performed by Liz with a featured guest vocal from Texas band SPEAK vocalist and keyboard player Troupe Grammage.

‘Tis the season for shimmery synth goodness, (well, it is by my reckoning) which is just as well, since we receive the perfect resplendent measure of it, at least on the face of it via this sweet sounding but poignantly glittery parcel of heart crushing pop, which fully reveals itself in sad-pop verse beneath the layer of sparkly synth delivered gift wrap.

You could say that it’s like receiving a Christmas gift that when opened you’ve discover a part is missing. Happy and downhearted all together at once.

Wanna hear more Pink Feathers?…..We think you should!…….Listen to the full “Invisible Lines” EP HERE