How strange, emerging Icelandic singer David Olafsson, chose to go with the artist name David44. I admit, it makes him stand out from all the other Olafsson’s, as I am quite certain it is as common a surname in Iceland as Smith and Jones are in the UK. Adding numbers to your name feels like something of the character which a rap artist would be doing. Not so much, the desired choice of an up-and-coming singer of vibey pop songs. In explanation, the facts behind the name David44. Are in reference to David’s Icelandic and Danish background. The number 44 refers to the year 1944 when Iceland gained its independence from Denmark. History lesson over, but having said this, he is becoming known for dropping off some dreamy, soulful offerings. Last year saw him release his debut EP to great acclaim, together with the slinky soul-pop single “Burn” prior to being snapped up by Copenhagen Records. He has since had a couple of releases on the label, but the latest single “I Feel Better On My Own” is the one which has me pretty excited. By his compelling, velvety voice alone.

The track is a sleeker, more sophisticated take on pop. It allows the emerging talent to bring to light his accomplished vocal abilities teamed with honest emotional expression. There are some lovely smooth vocal harmonies in here too, which are of the wholly swoonsome kind. And it is hard not to appreciate, how the whole combination of sonic beats and soulful dappled voice glide easily on the ear. The track is mellow yet distinctive and does all that is asked, to bring a sweetly endearing newcomer to the fore.

This song goes some way to prove Icelandic artists can produce mainstream pop at its best just like the rest of Scandinavia. Only we don’t tend to hear too much of it, because, the quirky, alternative artists such as Björk, Ásgeir and Jónsi are all anyone really speaks of. Baby step by baby step, David44 is beginning to show some good signs that he has the music chemistry necessary to change our perception of what Icelandic music artists are known for.

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