That old boombox you stored away in your loft is coming back in style. But you have until February 2020 to get it out of storage and give it polish. Because this is when Sam Sparro will release his new album “Boombox Eternal.”

Last week I caught a teaser online of “Everything” the new Sam Sparro single, and because of it’s 80s/90s feel, was beside myself waiting for the full release on Friday. The track acts as the second offering from the singer’s upcoming third album “Boombox Eternal” which is set to arrive February 21, 2020. If you’ve haven’t been counting, it has been eight years since Sam dropped his last long-player “Return To Paradise” in 2012.

Stylistically the new song “Everything,” storms through on a new retro vibe. With a healthy nod to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis in the melody. Notably evoking a sense of Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation,” which penetrates the tracks velvety smooth, danceable groove. Old school disco-funk as we already know is a terrific companion for Sam’s warm, soulful voice. Like his self-titled debut album, wherein influence, he visited Prince and Stevie Wonder. His fondness for dipping into the genre more often than not comes up with the goods when incorporating his trademark blue-eyed voice into a track.

I am not sticking my head above the water when I say, Sam Sparro and nostalgic vibes go well together like macaroni and cheese. It is a fact which keeps popping up in evidence on his albums. And of his use of these, new retro stylings. Just imagine for a glorious three and a half minutes. That if we were to drop the new song on repeat for long enough, our heads would really start to believe we are living in the 1990s. And what a relief it would be not to wake up every day and be bombarded with up to the minute news bulletins of the farcical Brexit negotiations.

But for Sam…

“The project is a love letter to my 8-year old self and to the music that made me want to be an artist,” Sparro notes. “The songs are mostly about love but also about power and breaking through boundaries.”

Here is another nice touch about the “Boombox Eternal” promotional campaign. Each of the album’s singles will also receive the maxi-single treatment with Sparro noting,

“The project is a tribute to the era of maxi-singles, cassingles and 12″ records. I wanted that to be reflected in the releases… As a record collector, I always love finding vinyl that has all those extra versions on the B-side, and wanted to give that to my listeners too.”


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