Australian singer/songwriter Ben Hazlewood has recently released his “EOS” EP.

Just a short while ago, I was drawn to the power and vulnerability of emotionally served pop stormer “Drive On” but this is just one highlight of the dramatically soul-stirring “EOS” EP.

EP Opener “Deny” is highly recommended. It’s a stunning pop ballad with emotional true grit in its belly whilst, melodically it’s beautifully flowing, with a hint of a percussion to it. Similarly, with EP closer “Undone”, the tone returns to a sweeping and contemplative direction, providing a veneer of sonically procured electronic pop to soften out those powerhouse pop/rock chops of Ben’s.

Nestled in amongst the dark and light moments of “EOS” comes the truly endearing track “Darkest Hour”, which honours the memory of those lost in the Pulse night club tragedy. “Darkest Hours” serves as a fitting “tribute to all the people that have paved the way for the future generations to grow and live with more love, understanding and acceptance” explains Ben Hazlewood

This video below is in parts heart-wrenching and beyond beautiful to watch. Love is love.