January is usually a slow month for music releases, however, I already know of one album, that I am excited to hear more of, it’s the sophomore effort from Børns called “Blue Madonna” which hits digital platforms on January 12th, 2018. Michigan raised electronic pop artist Garrett Børns first came to my attention upon the release of his debut album “Dopamine” but, it wasn’t until he collaborated with Dagny on her brilliant track “Fools Gold” that my interest in the dreamy, American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, became bigger.

The best way to describe Børns music to a first-time listener would be to say it is fresh and nostalgic all at once. His heartwarming approach to music is founded by an understated elegance and is an extension of his personality and not learned. What endears me most to the Michigan boy, is that the music can be erring towards the unpredictable, while it doesn’t always strike a chord with me it is kind of, exciting all the same. In the run-up to the “Blue Madonna” release, two tracks “Faded” and “Sweet Dreams” are already in the public domain, their vibe is pretty, trippy but overall I quite like the dreamy feeling they evoke. However, these songs don’t stand out to me as striking, single material. I think they sit far better on an album as a part of building a concept and, setting a tone. Although my feelings for current focus track “I Don’t Want U Back” are quite, different, as the style of the song is gently rousing, the electronic pop sound is a notch bigger and, the vocals resonate with an added pep.

I think the song is a better use of the singers yearning, falsetto and heartfelt lyricism because the melody is bright and catchy and upon hitting it, makes you want to sing along with the chorus. When Børns tackles themes of an increased dramatic nature the stature of the song, elevates, in its structure as a way to identify with its importance. I feel this track in particular shows-off his musical abilities and philosophical personality and am hopeful that upcoming album “Blue Madonna” will showcase some more of this side of the singer.

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