I really can’t deal with how super talented Sweden is for producing top-rate pop acts. Just when you begin to think the new emerging artist crop is slowing down, up pop’s another new name to get excited about. I wasn’t familiar with the Swedish pop sensation, Be The Bear by name nonetheless, there is every chance that I’ve listened to her music without knowing it. The Swedish artist and producer’s debut single of last year “Erupt” was used as the soundtrack in the international TV commercial for Volvo. From this prestigious beginning, you can bet there has been a lot riding on the much-admired single’s follow-up. I am pleased to report, “I Don’t Want To” doesn’t disappoint on this account.

In our age of auto-tuned voices and photo-shopped images, Be The Bear has brought back something pure and simple. She crafts tunes that feature both elements of the freezing cold and shining bright sun, while letting her lyrics and delivery fill the spotlight. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the indie steeped track “I Don’t Want To.” The melody has a definite fizz to it, Christina Wehage’s (aka Be The Bear) voice has a cool gleaming, allure similar to Robyn, Aurora, Kill J.

On the song, the fiercely independent female artist and producer impresses with an amazing, hook-line-and an instrumentation blending catchiness and pop-potential in a memorable measure. Owing to its Swediishness, we wouldn’t expect anything less, but this uncompromising, catchy and intelligent material is far ahead of its rivals. Safe to say, the latest dazzling track heralds the arrival of a newcomer who might become one of this year’s highlights in Swedish electronic pop.

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