Since the release of his debut EP “Midnight” late last year, soulful singer-songwriter Sam Calver is ready to make his mark in 2018. It was EP track “Remind Me” which first brought this dazzling, songwriter and vocalist to my attention. And, where I could not help but notice the emotive quality in his voice, it’s remarkable power and full-bodied tones. It has a timeless quality that’s pleasing to the ear, with the ability to take the listener from melancholic to uplifted within a beat. Following on from last years accomplished efforts, Sam has just released another striking single, “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” which further demonstrates the Hastings songwriter’s undeniable vocal talents.

Like a fresh-faced soul machine, the emerging singer has an expressive vocal style which brings together classic elements, consistent with power ballads. It might be why “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” is a song which resonates so instantly. The intimacy Sam shares in his lyrics are indicative of his skill as a masterful songwriter. He conjures up images and narratives which are driven by real, authentic emotion, seamlessly connecting with the music, with a presence that is intoxicating and palpable. It is an impressive, combination of undeniable, talent and huge, commercial appeal.

Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” and recent single “Remind Me“, share strong, pop melodies which are illuminated, with just, the right amount of electronic accompaniment. Creating an epic layer upon layer effect, and sending the track off on a higher level, of undeniably satisfying electronic-soul. “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” is without, a doubt, Sam’s best song, to date. Remember the name Sam Calver he has one of the most exciting soulful voices I’ve heard in a while. He sings as though he is almost a veteran in the pop music world. In every way, an exciting prospect for 2018.

Connect with Sam Calver
Twitter: @samcalvermusic