Alert me to a new signee on the Black Butter label, and I will sit up and dutifully check them out. I’m more than interested in quite a few of the artists on their roster. To be honest, the smooth electronic style of music they mostly promote is right up there in terms of today’s modern pop popularity. One of the label’s new acquisitions is half Norwegian, half English singer-songwriter Folly Rae from Hertfordshire. Who recently stirred up some buzz with the track “Sniper“, Folly’s debut for the record label. The song brewed some passing curiosity in me, but I wanted to see if the quirky pop melody would become cemented, as a signature trait for Folly or not as it didn’t fit the usual trademark style of Black Butter. I didn’t have long to wait to gather up my thoughts about the emerging artist. Follow-up single “You Don’t Love Me” has helped to reveal another layer of her style in sound.

Drawing conclusions from two singles, I spy a pattern emerging, could it be in Folly Rae, Black Butter have their, own Dua Lipa kind of pop star on their hands? Dua’s early songs were pretty chilled, built around hazy electronic beats before she opened the electronic floodgates with “Hotter Than Hell.” It does feel as though Folly Rae is gaining momentum in quite the same way, because “You Don’t Love Me“, sells itself on whimsical musicality, jazzy-soulful vocals and an inescapably catchy, chorus.

“The title is the essence of the song, and it’s about an ex who I cared about. He wanted everything from me, but couldn’t give me anything in return as he never loved himself enough to love me”, Folly reveals. The heartfelt lyrical directness of the song successfully translates, astute songwriting strengths, for sure. She’s clearly, a talented performer with a great voice and a natural, classy coolness. I’m absolutely gagging at the, super catchy chorus. That alone makes me invest some hope in Folly Rae’s ability and potential of stunning the world with a hotter than hot, pop slayer soon.

Connect with Folly Rae
Twitter: @follyrae