We know the drill by now, don’t we? Similarly, with each new week, Kim Petras shares with us a brand new music offering. This goes for shorter work weeks as well, which observe public holidays too.The month of May has seen a lot of these shortened working weeks, so you’d be forgiven if you’ve missed a song drop because they have come thick and fast. Before we go any further and speak about “Do Me“, today’s freshly released banger. I feel a recap of all the tracks unleashed thus far is in order.

Week One: “Broken
Week Two: “Got My Number
Week Three: “Blow It All
Week Four: “Sweet Spot
Week Five: “All I Do Is Cry

Kim shares with us “Do Me” for her week six offering. Fans of her early work are really going to appreciate this track as once again she’s hooking up with the style of 80s electronic-pop. And there is also the return of the big, rousing, fist hits the air chorus which is sure to be a good way to win over an audience when she heads out on tour, on dates during June through to September.

This time, there is no need to go deep with a review of this latest release. As “Do Me” is a hella sexy song and stands tall by itself. It is replete with a climatic Woo-Ah! which, to be honest, should tell you all you need to know about the song. She’s on her A-game, delivering candy-coated pop to lift the spirits. It is probably the sexiest pop romp she’s ever done. Strike that. Without a doubt – It is. Kim Petras is unequivocally playful but keeps bringing fire. I am enjoying the next level heat, which is “Do Me” and I feel at this rate by the time the album drops, I will be toast.


There has been a venue upgrade for European dates of the upcoming “Broken” tour. Now taking in a headline show at London’s “Heaven” …

Tickets on sale via kimpetras.com

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