Silk Cinema is a London based DIY electronic pop duo who described themselves, to me as “Think Sade in space, with a little Cocteau Twins and Prince thrown in.” I found this an intriguing introduction and couldn’t wait to go in on a listen of the latest single “Disappear” which is only the second release for the outfit.

The style the duo are going for is chillwave electronica, nocturnal sonic grooves and late night vibes. In fact, they are achieving it with some accomplishment, which makes me inclined to think Kristy and Raph of the duo have previously been in bands before prior, to the inception of Silk Cinema. The music evokes a smooth feeling with an ever so sexy edge. Kristy’s silky, soulful vocals evoke a sense of passion not, only for music but for life. For losing yourself in something, music, love, anything. Possibly irresponsibly!

Ralph’s electrifying blend of smooth synths and elegant vibes place the track on a sophisticated vibey soundscape of spacey, expansive beats and mellow melody, bringing a unique flow to what is an already catchy future-soul tune. It’s not an innovative sound, but it’s executed, so well and, with both artists complementing each other seamlessly, suggests they might easily earn a hit in these early stages of their journey. Silk Cinema is bringing old-school soul, into the 21st century with a twist of contemporary modern vision. Coveted spots on Spotify playlists and viral charts await if the duo keeps cranking out sleekly groovy tracks like this.

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Twitter: @SilkCinema